Southpaw Print Co. offers a wide variety of services including


screen printing • embroidery • fan gear • web stores • company merch stores • team uniforms • promotional products • and more!


We customize for any team, business, organization, event, or occasion!

Southpaw Print Co. is pretty much a one-gal business located on our family farm outside of Norway, Iowa.

In June 2021, Southpaw Print Co. officially began. I wanted to be able to work from home doing something that I love — helping friends, family, and my community create apparel and products that they love.

I know the importance of having an amazing support system because I have one myself – one that encouraged and helped me to take the leap into this entrepreneurial adventure. 

Now at the helm of Southpaw Print Co., I look forward to supporting my customers through their unique projects and making their experience easy and enjoyable.

– Niki Frese, Owner

A little bit about Niki…

Hey there! I’m Niki – the owner, operator, creative, accountant, and (mainly) one-woman team of Southpaw Print Co.

I’m married to my high school love, Nate, and Mom to our 3 awesome kids, 35 chickens, 4 rabbits, 2 indoor cats, and, at times, 300 head of cattle – plus, in springtime, a pasture full of 180 of the cutest baby calves you’ve ever seen.

We LOVE farm life. Nate was made for the farm and, growing up, I couldn’t wait for the day I could move to the farm.

Here’s another fun fact, we also love baseball! Hence, the business name…


What’s with the name?

In baseball, a Southpaw is a left-handed baseball pitcher.

Nate is a baseball player, and a pretty good one – he spent 9 years playing in the Cubs organization. He loves baseball, and he knows what an asset a Southpaw can be. I just happen to be a lefty (a non-baseball playing lefty), and Nate jokingly says he married me to get that golden left-handed baseball pitcher. He didn’t get it, but he still has me!

Baseball has been part of our lives from day one – from me watching that cute boy in baseball pants when I was 15 to cold college spring games, spring training each year, and 160 game pro-ball seasons living in hotels.

These days, we are often split between ball fields on the weekends with our boys at the baseball fields and our daughter on the softball field. No complaints here though! We love every minute of it.

Digging deeper into the name, Southpaw is also a left-handed boxer – and, like a boxer, I’m a little feisty! I like that about myself – I go hard, I stand for what I believe in, and I’ve always got the back of those near and dear to me.

The name Southpaw Print Co. just seemed like a natural fit, and this “Southpaw” can’t wait to take on your next project!

Southpaw Print Co. - Customized for Your Home Team. Apparel, promo items and more. Located in Eastern Iowa.

How it all started…

When my oldest son was in elementary school, I was asked to be the “volunteer spirit wear coordinator”. That was probably where Southpaw Print Co. actually started – I just didn’t know it at the time!

That little elementary school apparel gig led me to a 10-year sales job that fulfilled my desire to create projects that my clients loved. I got such a kick out of seeing people sporting the apparel and products that I helped to create.

“And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”
— Meister Eckhart


At the end of 2020, I decided to stay at home. I worked on the farm, completed some unfinished projects, and thought about what I wanted to do for the next chapter of my life. I was ready for a position that was on my terms and allowed me to be more present with my family.

While I was doing this soul-searching, my friends and family kept asking when I was coming out of retirement. After careful consideration, Southpaw Print Co. was born.

I decided that this was what I needed to allow me to continue to have the flexibility to be there for my kids, help on the farm when needed, fulfill my creative side, serve my community, and contribute financially to our family.

My love of baseball, farm life, and creating has always been a part of me. Starting Southpaw Print Co. is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I wake up excited to get to work every single day. Contact me at and let’s discuss your next project!